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Real estate financing

Superopcja also offers professional assistance in the mode of financing - what is the best way to pay for your new real estate, which is better: mortgage, mortgage secured line of credit, or cash? Our experienced consultants are at your disposal offering deals from all banks, except for cooperative banks. Our team provides additional services including assistance in property insurance and life insurance.

Our consultants provide customer care throughout the whole credit process: from the moment of the selection of the Bank itself, through the procedure of loan application, documents, price negotiations, until the loan disbursement. We accompany our clients wherever they need our professional assistance, even when they are signing the agreement in a branch office of the bank.

The following calculator will help you determine the basic parameters of the credit:

Please note that particular bank offers may differ from the results of the above calculation, therefore the results are general estimate values.

Financial Advisor::

Konrad Płutniak

mobile: 796 787 697


Financial Advisor:

Dariusz Barski

mobile: 500 200 022



Our company is engaged in the field of property management. In this business t it is all about making decisions and carrying out activities aimed at ensuring the appropriate economic and financial management as well as ensuring the safety and proper operation of the properties. This entails current administration of immovable properties, and proper investment in the property.

Our services:

  • taking buildings and all documentation from the previous administrator or developer;
  • keeping the project log books and the technical documentation required by the real estate construction law;
  • control over the actual and legal status of properties by keeping the records of separation of premises along with shares in the joint estate and the list of tenants of those premises;
  • compliance with all the relevant provisions relating to the operation of buildings (record keeping, inspections, controls, measurements, etc.);
  • preparing annual economic plans that include calculations of the estimated costs;
  • ensuring continuous operation of all the equipment and installations located in the property;
  • warranty for all installations and equipment in buildings;
  • commissioning, supervision, maintenance and modernization, making purchases commissioned by the community;
  • taking care of technical inspections and periodic reviews of a property in accordance with the requirements of construction law;
  • accounting for operating costs and advance payments towards the renovation fund, fees for utilities and solid waste;
  • performing any other activities necessary to ensure the smooth, trouble-free, safe and legal functioning of the property;
  • conclusion and renewal of insurance related to common property.

Reach us via telephone or e-mail to get more details.

Contact person:

Katarzyna Madeyska-Kopiec

mobile: 513 158 200


Valuation of property

Superopcja also offers services in property valuation that are carried out by our licensed appraiser. When dealing with property valuation we make sure we use all the available sources and documents, on the basis of which we can specify the value of the property, while taking account of the complex dynamics of the real estate market, and urban development trends. The ultimate aim of our experts is, of course, a reliable valuation report - the document stating the official value of the property, in the form of writing. The valuation report includes an accurate description and specification of a property, a description of the estimation and calculation itself, the purpose of the valuation and finally the personal data of the customer. Purchaser (the customer) can be an individual, the institution (e.g. Court) or company (e.g. bank).

The valuation report - for what purposes?

  • mortgage loans
  • fiscal-tax
  • purchase-sale
  • depreciation
  • negotiation
  • zoning fee
  • income
  • donations and inheritance
  • return

Real estate appraiser specifies:

  • market value of real estate;
  • replacement value;
  • cadastral value.

These are the concepts appearing in the Act on real property management.

Feel free to contact us on any matter related to the real estate valuation.

Contact person:

Katarzyna Madeyska-Kopiec

mobile: 513 158 200


Real Estate Sales & Marketing Outsourcing

As the only company in the market, we offer our services in property management , in the preparation of real estate for sale as well as in real estate sales&marketing outsourcing within the primary market. What we offer?

  • specifications of the properties and market research,
  • preparation of advertising campaigns,
  • sales organizations,
  • preparation of advertising materials,
  • conduct of direct sales.

It is our experience that enables us to provide services at the highest possible level. Successes with the sales of many renowned investments are our flagship operations - since 2008 we have cooperated with companies such as: Enklawa Development, Maylane Polska, Flexible Housing, AMT-BUD, Grupa Filipowicz.

Contact person:

Beata Ludźmierska

mobile: 693 175 896