As the only company in the market, we offer our services in property management , in the preparation of real estate for sale as well as in real estate sales&marketing outsourcing within the primary market. What we offer?

  • specifications of the properties and market research,
  • preparation of advertising campaigns,
  • sales organizations,
  • preparation of advertising materials,
  • conduct of direct sales.

It is our experience that enables us to provide services at the highest possible level. Successes with the sales of many renowned investments are our flagship operations - since 2008 we have cooperated with companies such as: Enklawa Development, Maylane Polska, Flexible Housing, AMT-BUD, Grupa Filipowicz.

Jeszcze w sprzedaży:

Enklawa Koszykarska II – Kraków ul. Koszykarska 21c

The investment made realized by the company Enklawa Development. The investment is a building of modern architecture with a garage and service premises on the ground floor. As part of their investment there are 47 dwellings (25 m2 to 68 m2), including offices with large terraces, parking spaces in the underground garage, utilities on the ground floor with the possibility of linking economic spaces, additionally common areas on each floor.

The completion of the construction works is scheduled for the end of October 2015, and the transfer of ownership to the buyers is scheduled for the end of December 2015.

→ Website: http://enklawakoszykarska.pl/

Kamienica Pilotów – Kraków ul. Pilotów 29

The building is located in the Centre of Krakow, just next to the old town, two kilometers from the main market square and the main train station. This investment is a unique design for people who want to live close to the Center and find comfortable and modern dwellings of above average standard and character. The building is situated in a peaceful setting, in the vicinity of a residential estate.

In cooperation with our development team we have successfully sold the following investments:

Enklawa Twardowskiego - Kraków, ul. Twardowskiego 37

Realized by the company Enklawa Development. A multi-storey building with a total floor space over 2,599 m2, 34 offices of different surfaces, from 25 m2 to 105 m2 and 5 attractive commercial premises.


Description of the investments on the developer’s website.

Rezydencja Barska - Kraków, ul. Barska 61

The investment realized by the company Grupa Filipowicz and includes two buildings of different heights and of a modern architectural form, located in a perfect location, in the vicinity of the ICE Congress Centre. The two buildings consist of 25 apartments (from 26 m2 to 70 m2), 3 offices on the ground floor and parking spaces in the underground garage.

Parkside – Kraków ul. Kopernika 8

A stylish residential building in the Centre of Krakow. The investment realized by Maylane Polska sp. z o.o. Sales area of over 2,000 m2, includes 40 dwellings, two commercial premises, and a garage.

→ Go to the website of the investment.

Enklawa Koszykarska I - Kraków ul. Koszykarska 21

Four-storey building (1,473.6 m2), with 36 apartments. Large balconies make the building look modern and add an urban flavour to the quiet neighbourhood. The investment realized between 2008-2009 by Enklawę Development.

Investment on the developer’s website.

Biała Kamienica – Kraków ul. Biała 13 - budynek wielorodzinny

Four-storey housing and service premises built by Enklawa Development between 2006-2007, with an area of more than 900 m2 (10 apartments).

Investment on the developer’s website.

Park Lane – Kraków ul. Pod Strzechą

Realized by Maylane Polska sp. z o.o.. A residential district of single-family semi-detached houses. The so-called “premium category”, best quality of finishing works. Sales area - 3,050 m2.

Willa w Przegorzałach - Kraków ul. Przegorzalska/Jodłowa

Realized by the company AMT BUD. Two-family residential building. The so-called “premium category”, best quality of finishing works. Sales area - 560 m2. Buildings sold following the completion of the construction works in 2010.

Enklawa Modlniczka - Wielka Wieś, Modlniczka ul. Krótka

A residential district of 6 semi-detached houses. The investment realized between 2008-2009. Four houses sold before the end of the completion of the construction works. Two segments are still to be sold. Sales area - 780 m2.

Domy pod Starymi Dębami – Śledziejowice

Realized by Tectum Developer (Śledziejowice, Wieliczka). A residential district of 4 buildings. Sales area - 752 m2. The investment realized between 2008-2011.