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Premise for rentTNI-LW-19616

Chorzów, Chorzów II

35 m2

price: 139 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20132

Kraków, Bronowice, Radzikowskiego

12 m2, 7 rooms

price: 210 EUR
Premise for rentTNI-LW-20057

Kraków, Stare Miasto, Kremerowska

27 m2

price: 257 EUR
Premise for rentTNI-LW-19486

Kraków, Dębniki

20 m2

price: 280 EUR
Premise for rentTNI-LW-19396

Chorzów, Chorzów II

75 m2

price: 298 EUR
Premise for rentTNI-LW-19328

Kraków, Stare Miasto

34,77 m2

price: 324 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-19655

Kraków, Czyżyny, Bieńczycka

25,5 m2, 1 room

price: 327 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20165

Kraków, Krowodrza, Rydla

44 m2, 2 rooms

price: 350 EUR
House for rentTNI-DW-1052

Kraków, Podgórze, Kwietna

100 m2

price: 397 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20224

Kraków, Stare Miasto, św. Sebastiana

65 m2, 2 rooms

price: 397 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20171

Kraków, Zwierzyniec, Królowej Jadwigi

30 m2, 1 room

price: 420 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20071

Kraków, Krowodrza, Łokietka

53,17 m2, 2 rooms

price: 444 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-2885

Kraków, Krowodrza, Wrocławska

48 m2, 3 rooms

price: 444 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20082

Kraków, Krowodrza, Wrocławska

52,94 m2, 2 rooms

We would like to present 2-room apartment, which is very well located – at the Łokietka Street (on the crossroad with Wrocławska Street) in new investment named FABRYKA CZEKOLADY. This is...
price: 444 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-2631

Kraków, Śródmieście, ks. Bandurskiego

63 m2, 2 rooms

price: 444 EUR
Premise for rentKON-LW-2203

Kraków, Centrum, Basztowa

46,86 m2

price: 458 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20010

Kraków, Grzegórzki, Jaśminowa

60 m2, 3 rooms

price: 465 EUR
Premise for rentTNI-LW-19850

Kraków, Krowodrza, Prądnicka

28 m2

price: 467 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20223

Kraków, Bronowice, Tetmajera

63 m2, 2 rooms

Duplex apartment for rent   Created for people who appreciate comfort, this higher standard flat established by Dasta-invest is located on Tetmajera street. In the neighborhood there are "...
price: 467 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20136

Kraków, Bieżanów-Prokocim, Kurczaba

71,75 m2, 4 rooms

price: 467 EUR
Premise for rentTNI-LW-20137

Kraków, Krowodrza, Władysława Łokietka

43 m2

price: 467 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-11867

Kraków, Krowodrza, Emaus

98,6 m2, 3 rooms

price: 467 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20090

Kraków, Grzegórzki

40 m2, 2 rooms

We have really high standard flat few minutes walk from University of Econmy. new, high quality building nicely designed with big balcony furnished with parking space close to Main...
price: 491 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-17945

Kraków, Śródmieście, Zyblikiewicza

74 m2, 2 rooms

price: 514 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20226

Kraków, Krowodrza, Głowackiego

69 m2, 3 rooms

price: 537 EUR