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Apartment for rentTNI-MW-21224

Kraków, Stare Miasto, Zwierzyniecka

22 m2, 1 room

price: 273 EUR
Premise for rentTNI-LW-21027

Kraków, Ruczaj

20 m2

price: 280 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-21111

Kraków, Stare Miasto, Daszyńskiego

19 m2, 1 room

price: 280 EUR
Premise for rentTNI-LW-19486

Kraków, Dębniki

20 m2

price: 280 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20407

Kraków, Dębniki, Szuwarowa

48 m2, 2 rooms

price: 327 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-21247

Kraków, Zwierzyniec, Niezapominajek

45 m2, 2 rooms

price: 327 EUR
Premise for rentTNI-LW-20070

Kraków, Stare Miasto

34 m2

We have a great offer for office letting in the heart of Krakow. prestigious location 2nd floor in a historic well maintained building vicinity of all tourist attractions reception...
price: 333 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20728

Kraków, Stare Miasto, rynek Kleparski

53,7 m2, 2 rooms

price: 338 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-21163

Kraków, Prądnik Czerwony, Brogi

58 m2, 3 rooms

price: 338 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-21248

Kraków, Stańczyka

32 m2, 2 rooms

price: 350 EUR
Premise for rentTNI-LW-21240

Kraków, Krowodrza, Kazimierza Wielkiego

25 m2

price: 350 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-21024

Kraków, Bronowice, Juliusza Lea

36 m2, 1 room

price: 362 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-14233

Kraków, Bronowice, Chełmońskiego

60 m2, 2 rooms

price: 373 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-21210

Kraków, Czyżyny, Bieńczycka

39 m2, 2 rooms

price: 373 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20999

Kraków, Krowodrza, Wrocławska

51,69 m2, 2 rooms

price: 397 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-21233

Kraków, Zwierzyniec

25 m2, 1 room

price: 397 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-21186

Kraków, Krowodrza

42,6 m2, 2 rooms

price: 420 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-21214

Kraków, Stare Miasto, Retoryka

31,5 m2, 1 room

price: 420 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-2631

Kraków, Śródmieście, ks. Bandurskiego

63 m2, 2 rooms

price: 443 EUR
Premise for rentTNI-LW-21239

Kraków, Podgórze, Klimeckiego

55 m2

price: 466 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-21185

Kraków, Stare Miasto, Retoryka

46 m2, 2 rooms

price: 502 EUR
Premise for rentTNI-LW-21034

Kraków, Stare Miasto

52 m2

price: 510 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-20873

Kraków, Krowodrza, Ujejskiego

72 m2, 2 rooms

price: 513 EUR
Apartment for rentTNI-MW-2877

Kraków, Krowodrza, Władysława Łokietka

79 m2, 3 rooms

price: 537 EUR
Apartment for rentTN2-MW-20820

Kraków, Juliusza Lea

53 m2, 3 rooms

price: 537 EUR